The Best At-Home Workouts

  • Katie Sinclair ’22

I think that we can all agree that being stuck at home stinks, but I have found it to be super important to do my best to get outside and exercise at least once a day. With the gyms being closed it can be challenging to come up with your own workout routine that works with what is available. Luckily we have the internet, where there are tons of YouTube videos and workout apps that can help you make a routine. 

Workout Ideas 

Peloton is offering a great deal right now, a ninety-day free trial where you get access to all their workouts on their app. All you have to do is download the app and make an account. When starting the trial you do not have to put in any credit card information, the trial will automatically end when the ninety days are over so you do not have to worry about being charged if you forget to cancel. They offer a wide variety of classes including guided runs, biking, dance classes, meditation, stretching, strength, yoga, and core workouts. With hundreds of different instructors, and varying workout lengths you can easily fit their classes into your schedule while you are at home. 

Nike Training Club is another great app if you are looking to get a workout from home. They offer various programs designed by trainers that offer classes, instruction, diet tips, as well as other ideas for wellness practice. 

Since I have had so much time at home my family has been cleaning parts of my house. I have come upon all sorts of things, such as video games that I used to play. Recently, I have rediscovered Just Dance. My brother and I tried it again and surprisingly it was super fun and if you play for long enough, you can even break a sweat. You get to dance to fun music, try to follow along with a robot on the screen, and look crazy all at the same time. I have enjoyed playing it when I have run out of other things to do, there are also other apps and videos on the internet with dance routines if you do not have this specific game. 

Youtube workout videos have become my go-to over this quarantine. There are all sorts of guided workouts and exercises that are super easy to fit into your schedule. I have enjoyed finding different routines that I want to try. There is something for everyone and most of the time you do not even need any equipment. You can find everything from just a simple one-day workout to a plan that you can stick with for multiple weeks. 

One of my favorite workouts has been going for a run, doing some sort of core routine that I find on youtube and then just some simple exercises that use my own body weight, such as squats. We are so lucky to have the internet available to us, and we should all take advantage of these resources. It is super important that you find something that works for you, do not immediately start running six miles if you have never run more than three, ease yourself in as you begin to build up your fitness. If you need motivation, try coming up with a plan with a group of friends, this way you have people to challenge you and convince you to get outside and stay active. The coaches at Sacred Heart are also here to support you in finding a plan that works best for you so use your resources and the time you have right now to talk to them!

By Axel de Vernou

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