Fall Jewelry Trends

  • Ilaria Freccia ’22

When you think of outfit basics, white tee shirts and blue denim jeans are the first items that come to mind. However, when building an outfit, jewelry is equally if not more important to your overall look. What many people don’t realize about jewelry is that much like clothes there are seasonal trends to look for when shopping. Below is a comprehensive guide to everything that is IN this fall.


Earrings are one of the most versatile and easiest jewelry pieces to wear. If you want to draw attention to your face, follow the popular trend of statement earrings. These could be anything from long chunky gold teardrops to old shrinky dinks with holes punched through them. Another thing to consider when choosing earrings is material. For a hyper-trendy look, pair a chunky gold statement earring with pearl accents for a touch of sophistication, or add neon resin hoops for a hip twist.

Another hugely popular earring trend is ear Huggies. They are small hoops that “hug” the ear. These earrings are super comfortable and simple – the plain white tee shirt of earrings. They can be dressed up with cool colors or patterns or layered with other trends like ear cuffs and statement earrings or even with other Huggies. Lastly, the most intriguing and bold trend of the season – mismatched earrings. Over the last few years, the mismatched earring trend has gained a cult follower status. Some are styled more boldly with long dangling statement earrings and a simple stud or more subtly by mismatching Huggies or studs and particularly mixing it up when it comes to multiple piercings and jewelry layering. 


Like earrings, necklaces are one of the most basic yet valuable jewelry pieces around. Unfortunately, this means that there are hundreds of great options and styles available. Well, look no more. This fall necklace trends like the chunky necklace and the chain necklace have gained immense popularity for their ability to stand alone as both a simple accent or a statement piece.

However, the can also be used as a part of falls most important trend – layering. Simple chain necklaces, personalized initial necklaces, and the revived coin trends all together make the perfect layered necklace for any occasion. Mix in different lengths and chain textures for more variety and texture in your look. Another popular trend to add in is the colorful jewel and bead trend. Seen as Anna Wintour’s signature necklace, colorful gemstones, and DIY necklaces are making a comeback. They are versatile enough to mix in with some layered necklaces, bold enough to stand alone, and simple enough to pull together your outfit without distracting the eye. The best thing about the colorful necklace is, of course, the colors. They blend in perfectly with every outfit while still emanating a summer vibe.


As little kids, there was nothing more fashionable than an arm covered in silly bands and rainbow hair ties. For a while, that ideology disappeared, but now, it’s back. Layered bracelets are the number one jewelry trend of the season. Some of the most popular styles are beaded. Thin, tight gold or silver bracelets add the perfect touch of grace and subtlety. To add a little glam to a look, designer brand bracelets from stores such as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, or Cartier are the hottest way to add a little bling to a bland look. For a more affordable look check out places such as amazon, Zara, Shopbop, or Nordstrom.

Another way to toss in some excitement is tennis bracelets. A loop of single or double-layered diamonds are usually reserved for our moms, but can still make an outfit at a fancier event. Finally the DIY bracelet look. As the popularity of VSCO girls rises, DIY style bracelets go with it. These are friendship bracelets, scrunchies, or bright beaded ones with cute messages. This style is definitely more casual but has a surprising amount of staying power perhaps induced by summer nostalgia. 


Another underestimated yet important piece of jewelry are rings. Again, stacking/layering is one of the biggest ring trends around. However, it’s what you stack that counts. One micro trend gaining momentum is baguette rings. They are made of gems – sometimes colorful – in the shape of vertical rectangles. These can be layered with minimalist gold or silver bands or thin, delicate chains.

To match the bracelet trend, beaded rings are also very popular. They are simple yet elegant and appropriate for most occasions. Lastly, a fun twist on this season’s bright colored jewelry trend is color accent rings. These pieces have touches of color, such as a band around, or a gemstone that add originality and flair. 


Lastly, anklets are probably the most unpredictable fall fashion trend. Coming into the season with high summer reviews, the anklet is a delicate piece that, if styled right can elevate an outfit by elongating legs, thinning ankles, and drawing attention to a killer pair of shoes. Anklets can be worn in many ways, with casual sneakers and flip flops, above socks, over socks, or over boots to name a few.

As far as anklets go, their trendiness is less about the physical piece of jewelry and more about the way in which it is worn. A pearl anklet worn over a casual pair of heeled sandals can add a hint of elegance and sophistication, while worn over combat boots, the daringness and boldness of the wearer shine through. A classic chain could be worn with a nice dress for a touch of je ne sais pas quoi or over a pair of statement socks to tie the outfit together and bring attention to the legs. 

Where to buy:

Now that you have so much new bling to buy, you need somewhere to buy it. While most popular stores such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Bloomingdales have a huge selection. There are plenty of other places to buy that’ll be more affordable and trendy. For all the most current trends, my go-to place is Zara. They have affordable but high-quality versions of the best trends. One of the best places for basic pieces such as simple gold and silver necklaces and rings for layering and stacking is Brandy Melville. Everything is very affordable and great basics to wear with every outfit.

Another place to buy affordable basics is Forever 21. They have an unlimited supply of earrings, necklaces, and rings that are perfect to throw together. Also, bauble bar has a huge selection of great jewelry in all price ranges. For a higher-end selection, stores like Tiffanys, Mejuri, Shopbop, or Neiman Marcus have everything you might want in stock. 

This fall there are so many jewelry trends to try, from crafty corner vibes to heavy metal to rainbow gemstones. In the end, however, it’s up to you to decide what you want to wear and how. After all, that’s the beauty of fashion – you can do whatever you want. 

By Axel de Vernou

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