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  • Margot Gibbons ’22

Shoes that you can wear year-round, dress up or down, and be comfortable in, are very popular right now. Sneakers are that utility pair of footwear that can be worn with everything, from dresses to jeans to skirts. These shoes have taken over the fashion industry, especially because they are so easy to wear. Right now, I love pairing nice sneakers with casual outfits. Some great designer brands, with fashionable sneakers, that have been popular lately are Golden Goose Deluxe Brand and Alexander McQueen. With these kinds of sneakers, you can pair them with jeans and a t-shirt, or if you want to be a little nicer, they can be worn with a skirt or dress. 

Platform sneakers are making a comeback right now; they were very popular in the 90s because the shoes add to your height and it was a new design no shoe brand had made before. Although they may not look comfortable, each brand has perfected the fit and feel of their platform shoes. For example, Alexander Wang makes “The Sneaker”, a basic white platform shoe, but with a pop of color on the logo. These shoes are very popular because of how well they go with everything. 

Golden Goose is another  “breakout shoe” right now. With dozens of styles, they have a high top, platform, and low top sneakers. Each shoe has a different color star, logo, and base color. People love this shoe because of their comfort, and uniqueness! 

More shoe brands are catching onto the popular trends everyday.Some to look out for are Stella McCartney X Adidas, Alice + Olivia, and Kenzo.

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By Axel de Vernou

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