Word in the Swamp 4

“If it’s not on YouTube, it doesn’t exist.”

“The raging vegan she is, you would think that she could take care of a plant.”

“I heard we do psychedelics at Kairos.”

“Sorry I can’t come over, my mom doesn’t want me to get Corona.”

“The only foods I eat from the cafeteria are the cheese quesadillas. They’re reliable.”

“$94 million, and I still have to climb stairs in the rain if I want to make it to class on time”

“I can’t catch Corona, I’m not of drinking age.”

“Ouchie my knee… I mean my elbow.”

“Oklahoma doesn’t exist.”

“Security gave me a parking ticket, but what can they really do?”
(Editor’s note: they can boot your car)

Photo from PNGItem

By Axel de Vernou

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