Spirit Week Creates Opportunities for Freshmen

  • Kiran Seeff ’23

As Spirit Week comes onto the horizon, the student body is excited to see what creative ideas each grade has come up with for the hectic events, with particular attention being given to what the freshmen can bring to the table this year. The freshman Class of 2023, who will be going through this time-honored tradition for their first time, will be looking to implement some advice on what Spirit Week is actually like. 

“We are really excited for all of the competitive events in Spirit Week and we hope that every activity brings our grade closer,” says freshman class president William Swart (‘23). William, along with the Freshman student government, has spent the past few months planning activities and themes for Spirit Week. “I am most excited for theme day because I can’t wait to see our grade together in costume,” says William. However, the theme will have to remain a surprise until the day of! When asked about what freshmen should keep in mind for Spirit Week, William says, “Freshmen should remember to come everyday with a smile on their face and a spirited attitude,” and as for advice, he reminds Freshman to, “Have fun, try hard, and respect our elders.”

“Also, freshmen should come pumped up!” adds freshman Spirit Co-Chair Harrison Rohlen (‘23).

“The event I’m most excited for is Rock ‘n Jock,” commented freshman Spirit Co-Chair Luke Bachler (‘23). “It’s like spin-off Basketball… Odd rules, characters, and all of these characters have different rules that are personal to them.” 

To get freshmen acquainted with the characters, Luke explains that “if you’re a Scuba diver, you have to play in full Scuba gear… if you’re a twin, you have to be taped by the leg with another person, so there’s all of these different rules, and I get to coach it, which will be fun.”

Bachler also mentions that he is excited for the dodgeball game. “We’ll get to go against the upperclassmen, which should be tough, but… we’ll try our best.” However, what he looks forward to most is the class bonding. “I think it’ll be really fun to see the camaraderie between our class, and it’ll be a really great week for some class bonding.” Luke finds himself in an interesting position, as he knows what is to come during spirit week, but has yet to actually experience the event itself. “I think it’s especially difficult  because I… went to the junior’s practice, to see what it was, and these guys have two years of experience under their belt already, and I’m coming in and… I’ve never done this before.”

 Moreover, he adds that it has been an eye-opening process, having been part of the planning group of spirit week, as he has had no prior experience with it. However, he leaves us with some good advice: “The more I do it, it’ll get easier, and the freshman year is similar, because you’re still figuring things out, but eventually, you’ll get there.” Luke’s hope is that everyone embraces the week with excitement and readiness. “Bringing a good attitude and being excited to come and participate in these fun competitions against your whole school will bring you closer to your community,” he says. 

Finally, Luke’s advice for freshmen experiencing Spirit Week for the first time is much like his advice about being on the student government; “We should see what works during Spirit Week, especially in these competitions that we’ve never done.” Bearing in mind Luke’s advice, the freshman class can go into Spirit Week feeling confident and ready to have fun, participate in some competitions, and cheer on their fellow classmates.

Photo captured by Katie Sandhu ’21

By Axel de Vernou

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