Poetry Club – Misconception

love is misunderstood.

she is plastered with chocolate kisses and 

driven with no bound.

her heart searches for a promise beyond what life has offered her.

who told her that love was strictly betrothed to the birds and the bees?

that it did not exist in the self and in friendship?

love is a butterfly.

love notices the flaws within herself,

extends her wings and soothes them.

she welcomes the pleasure and pain.

love is co-passion,

love is forgiving,

love is imperfect, 

and love never wants to see us suffer.

love sits in us all, waiting for us to ACT instead

of preach

“Misconception” by Delores Moore ’25

Image Credit: Nick Fewings, https://unsplash.com/photos/ka7REB1AJl4

By Carl Crum

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