Computer Science Principles – Games For Term 3

For the past unit, CS Principles students have been working hard to create their very own games in JavaScript. In the spirit of Goal IV, we’d like to send a little joy out into the world and share our creations with everyone. #CSCreativityAndArt

(Click the name of the title to play!)

JillianAmaroSpace Attack!JPKerriganThe Athathin
ColeBallardPenguin SlideErikLatchfordErik’s Bar Game
LukaBonifacioWall BallOliviaMatthewsJungle SnackTime
HunterBrigerDon’t Hit the Obstacles!AnthonyNotoPlinko
MarenDarnellShark Something SomethingAldenParsonsScoops
AlinaDecaux-SallouxScoopsAlexPrecourtMunchy Monkey
ChaseDollingerDinosaur ChaseMiaRadeffEscape the Shark!
ThemiDrolapasMario GameMcKennaTanonaSoccer Game
JacquelineHickingbothamSpikesMollyTinsleyMolly’s Game
GrahamKaestnerNCAA Lacrosse 2021EllieWheelerBernie’s Mittens
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