Civic Action: Extending the Vote

  • Ella Hale ’22

Hi, my name is Ella Hale. I am currently a junior at Sacred Heart, and I am taking AP Government and Politics. For this riveting class, all students must complete a Civic Action Project that impacts their community; mine is a proposed tangent on Kevin Mullin’s Proposition 18 that was on the California ballots for the 2020 election.

Mullin proposed that seventeen year-olds should be allowed to vote in local elections, while my idea was to expand this right to sixteen year-olds. I created a Google survey and sent it out to parents, students, and local government officials in order to gain a sense of how people feel about this plan. About 47% of people agreed with me, 32% disagreed, and 21% were undecided on their stance.

Considering people’s opinions and comments on my survey, I created a petition that addresses their concerns, and shows the public’s general support. I then created an instagram account with all of my information to create a social media campaign on what I researched, and just to bring awareness to the idea in general. I am very passionate about this topic because I believe that town and local government involvement  can be an impactful part of  one’s life, and that sixteen year-olds should be able to choose to contribute to how their town functions.

My email is and I’m happy to chat with you all about your own opinions regarding this policy. Please check out my petition and the work I’ve been doing!

Photo provided by Mrs. Hale

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