SHP Drama Pushes Forward With Fall Production

  • Axel de Vernou ’21

Starting tonight and running through the weekend, the SHP Drama Department is inviting students to virtually attend “The Odd Couple,” a comedic school play adapted from the 1965 version written by Neil Simon. Despite restrictions that actors have had to face recently, the Drama team is doing the best it can to provide a show for students and faculty from the comfort of their homes.

The Odd Couple is a comedy about two friends, Olive and Florence, who couldn’t be more different,” explains Drama Program Director Mr. Jeffrey Adams, who has been in charge of overseeing the production and the accompanying safety measures. “[T]the friendship is challenged because of their differences and comedy ensues,” he adds. The two male leads from the original version were adapted to include female actresses in 1985, which the Drama Department has taken advantage of. “In the show, I play Florence which has been a really fun and exciting experience. She is a really funny character to play,” says Emma Mills ‘22, who is taking on the lead role. 

Viewers will find the themes of the play an enjoyable break from the monotony of their everyday schedules. “At the heart of this show is the story of friendship. Good friends understand the quirks of each other, however annoying or frustrating they might be,” says Mr. Adams. He adds that he chose the piece as the Fall production because “[i]t’s about supporting each other regardless of what life throws your way.”

Admission to the play is free and students can easily access the virtual experience. “It will be in a webinar format on Zoom, similar to the Student Life Webinars we have once a month,” says Emma. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the humorous event grounded in the spirit of community before final assessments take place. 

The Drama Department has worked extremely hard to reimagine an art which depends heavily on an audience. “At the end of the day, storytelling can happen in many different ways, so I am hopeful and confident in the fact that Drama will continue to develop, adapt and grow at SHP,” says Mr. Adams. “The show must go on, as they say.”

For those who are interested in signing up, please refer to this link:

By Axel de Vernou

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