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Sleeping is something that can be easily overlooked. However, getting little sleep can have very significant and detrimental effects on your health.

Sleeping is crucial, especially for adolescent development, because adolescents are still growing and haven’t fully developed. Having little to no sleep can result in a lack of productivity and even serious injury. According to Stanford Medicine, “[s]leep deprivation increases the likelihood teens will suffer [a] myriad [of] negative consequences, including an inability to concentrate, poor grades… anxiety, depression, [and even] thoughts of suicide.” These negative effects convey the way a lack of sleep can lead to many issues in your life and why it is important for you to try your best to go to bed early. Personally, sleeping has always been hard for me because there is so much to think about in addition to the numerous other things going on in our world. However, these things should not prevent you from trying to get sleep.

Now that you know all the negative effects having a lack of sleep has, here are some tips for organizing your sleep schedule. One thing that works, especially for me, is using the clock app on my phone where you can put the exact time you are going to sleep. When waking up, you can go to the health app on your phone to check on how you are doing in terms of your sleep.

Scientifically speaking, I advise you to do the following which is approved by Stanford Medicine. First, “[c]hanging your sleep area or schedule” and “[keeping] regular bedtimes and wake up times daily” is helpful because you will know exactly when to go to sleep. This prevents your sleeping schedule from being all over the place. Some other methods of organizing your sleep schedule include “[a]voiding big meals or too much fluid[s] later in the evening, [s]taying active, [d]oing relaxation exercises.” For example, you can try progressive muscle relaxation “[t]hat may help if you lie in bed with your mind relaxing.” Doing this will help you transition with tranquility to sleep. These tips present the best methods for you to have the best sleep possible.

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