Drive-in Movie Theaters: A Perfect Pandemic Pastime

  • Raina Singh ‘24

Even though the golden age of drive-in movie theaters has long since passed, this 1950s pastime has made a recent comeback due to the coronavirus pandemic. In recent months, drive-in movie theaters have experienced a spike in popularity, especially since they are affordable and can be an enjoyable pastime during this pandemic.

With the risk of contracting Covid-19 prevalent in everyone’s minds, drive-in movie theaters are a perfect choice to have a fun night out with friends while remaining socially distant. There is a decreased risk of spreading Covid-19 because, unlike in a regular movie theater, you will be able to limit the amount of people who you come in contact with who can potentially carry the virus. In addition to that, drive-in movies are a wonderful activity to do with your friends and get you out of the house. Drive-in movie theaters add an element of privacy that ordinary movie theaters don’t, since you are sitting in the comfort of your own car instead of in a large auditorium with dozens of strangers.

Tips for the Drive-in Theater

If you chose to go to a drive-in theater, I suggest getting there a little earlier than the time of the movie, since it’s a first come first serve system with parking. If you want to get a better spot closer to the screen, you might want to get there around ten to fifteen minutes before the movie starts. Bringing your own food is also a bonus that comes in with drive-ins, so I recommend packing plenty of drinks and snacks to munch on throughout the film. Another useful tool to bring is a flashlight and some extra batteries in case you need to leave your car or navigate your way to the bathroom. Plenty of comfy blankets are also a must-have so that you can snuggle up and keep warm. Some other things I would recommend bringing are plastic bags for your garbage, glow sticks, paper plates and napkins for food, a cooler for drinks, and a phone charger. 

Theater Recommendations
If you’re interested in a fun night out watching movies, some drive-in theaters you might want to try are West Wind Capitol Drive-in in San Jose and Drive-in Solano, which is located in Concord. There are plenty more scattered around the Bay Area, so don’t hesitate to look into the various locations yourself. Just remember to bring a mask! 

“Projector rays” by Alex Litvin. Unsplash.

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