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  • Ellie Noto ’22

I already know what you’re thinking. Ellie, what do you wear during quarantine? You normally have such cute outfits at school, what is going on now? Well, let me tell you. I am here to present you with this season’s top fashion trends. Here I have collected my daily outfits of quarantine with a cute detailed caption. Hopefully these inspire you to really feel creative while back at home chillin during Zoom calls, maybe even your weekends. Who knows? The background of these photos, for those who are wondering, is the finding nemo background that I use on my Zooms as it is a top notch film that is completely underrated and deserves more recognition for its artistic diversity. 

Sweatshirt – Feed Love 

Pants – random Nike sweats. 

I have absolutely worn this outfit to school by now. 


Top – a little urban outfitters shirt with a tank top underneath

Same nike pants because why would I change them?


Shirt – another tank top from Brandy Melville 

Why is she so cute? Anyway, another set of nike sweats because why not


Shirt – fire pink shirt from Goat USA 

Shorts – fuzzy short from the kids section in Target that I originally got for crazy day for spirit week but I ended up committing to a long term relationship with them. Happy 9 month anniversary!  


Shirt – lil graphic tee i got from urban outfitters. It says “I feel like tagging you in a meme”. This was my favorite freshman year but is now ranked at number, eh, 4 probably. This was maybe $10 dollars. 

Pants – Salmon colored leggings from lululemon. One of those pants you would never ever buy for yourself (my mom got them for me because she’s an angel) but I gave them a try and they are very comfortable while still having a nice athleisure vibe. 


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