Daily Drop #57

Today’s Daily Drop brings us back to the fun narratives of our lives that we have the opportunity to experience due to our increased time with family. K-Mo recounts one such moment from a few weeks back, and a humorous takeaway that we can all interpret in our own way:

“One day last week my daughter Leah (age five) went to my classroom in Campbell and poked around a bit, and then went for a walk through the nearby streets of Atherton.  In my classroom, she opened up a cabinet and found some goofy hats, which she wanted to wear on our walk.  I wore a wizard hat, and she wore a ‘flying pig hat.’
On our walk, she decided she needed a break because she wanted to write in her diary.  So, we stopped on the side of the street for a while.
So, here’s the life lesson for today: sometimes you need to take a break and write in your diary while wearing your flying pig hat.”
Thanks for yet another creative and unique Drop!
By Axel de Vernou

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