Daily Drop #32

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s photos are almost like a follow-up to Ms. Schaffer’s yesterday. The top three were sent in by Ms. Bowe-Ullman. Here’s what she has to say about these awesome moments:

“Here are a few pictures of my kids doing a sidewalk-chalk obstacle course we found while out on a bike ride. We live in the same neighborhood as Ms. Schaffer, so our daily routine now includes a bike ride past the rubber ducks and a run through the obstacle course. The encouraging messages remind us to ‘stay active,’ ‘breathe,’ ‘skip and sing,’ and ‘have a great day.’”

Dr. Whitcomb sent in the last two, which include a social distancing hopscotch and a message to smile.

These photos show the huge impact that you can have on other people’s lives by just taking out a few minutes to make a small project in front of your house. I encourage you all to do the same! Who knows, maybe somebody might be playing your hopscotch game pretty soon?

Thanks for tuning in!

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