Daily Drop #10

In today’s post, Dr. Gautier shares her travels in a collection of beautiful photos that remind us that there is more to explore in the world than just our direct communities.

Her statement about the photos is as follows:

“One of my passions, besides learning/teaching languages, is to travel, especially to very remote parts of the world in order to totally disconnect, share people’s traditional ways of living and learn from them.
In this time of confinement and travel restrictions, I am very grateful for the amazing trips I have done. I usually take 200+ pictures per day when I travel, so now I finally have some time to start sorting out thousands and thousands of photos!
Through these pictures, today, from San Francisco, I am trekking again up and down the Himalayas (Nepal, Ladakh); I am climbing again to the top of giant dunes in the Gobi Desert (Mongolia); I am holding on for dear life driving on one of the highest and scariest “roads” in the world (Leh -> Manali, in India); I am dancing and laughing with children in a Maasai village (Kenya); etc. Most of all, I remember all the incredibly kind people that I get to meet everywhere I go!
Traveling changes one’s perspectives. It makes one realize that, regardless of their language and way of life, people are more similar than they are different, and it makes one feel very blessed for all that we have in the SF Bay Area. Soon, we will be able to travel again!”

Thank you all for tuning in to today’s issue and we’re looking forward to seeing some more amazing submissions from all of you!

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