What to Wear for Mass

  • Genna Gibbons ’21

As the annual Mater Mass approaches, questions concerning what to wear and the dress code come up. Dress attire is worn on special occasions, such as mass and honors convocation, so looking your best is essential. Lucky for you, I am here to offer advice on what to wear and where to find clothes, so you are always prepared for dress attire days!

Shopping, in general, is time-consuming and can take many returns and trips to the mall to find an outfit that not only fits well but also follows the dress attire requirements as stated in the student handbook. In case you forgot, for girls, all tops and dresses have to cover your shoulders and dresses and skirts must reach fingertip length. Websites such as Nordstrom, Lulus, and Bloomingdales have a category for dresses and tops that “have shoulders,” which makes the process of finding an appropriate outfit significantly easier.

However, if you have a favorite dress that does not have shoulders, wearing a cardigan, bomber jacket, or leather jacket over your top is an easy way to fix your dilemma. In terms of skirts, denim is not allowed for dress days. You may wonder what skirt to wear if it can’t be a denim skirt? Flowy and patterned skirts are currently a major trend in fashion which Urban Outfitters, Free People, and MISA have all caught onto. Finding a top to match with a skirt can be a real challenge. I suggest pairing a flowery skirt with a tighter fitting top to create different dimensions as well as coordinating colors with the top and skirt, so they compliment each other.

My go-to place to find affordable and simple tops are Zara and Revolve because they have hundreds of different styles which are sorted into different categories making it easier to find the right one. During the colder months, dress pants are popular and an easy way to stay warm; Shopbop and Nordstrom have a variety of different patterns and styles available on their website all year long. Depending on the season, shoe styles change. For instance, during the summer to fall transition and the late spring season, a cute pair of sandals is the way to go, but during the fall and winter seasons, low cut boots keep your feet warm in the colder temperatures.

Target and Zara have a wide variety of affordable and stylish boots to wear during the winter mass attire days. While searching for a suitable yet fashionable outfit for mass, make sure to review the dress code! Dress attire requirements for boys consists of a dress shirt and a tie, that must be tucked in, for the top and dress slacks as pants. Based on the seasons, adding a sweater to their outfit is an easy way to keep warm while still obeying the dress code. J.Crew and Nordstrom often have a collection of basic styles in all different colors. In terms of shoes, athletic shoes that you would most likely wear for exercise or athletic purposes are not allowed; dress shoes of some sort are required.

For those of you that find dress attire clothing uncomfortable, students are allowed to change after the completion of the event, into clothes of their choice. Even though students are expected to adhere to the requirements of the dress attire guidelines, wearing an outfit that you feel confident in is most important. While deciding what to wear can take some time, I hope that this insight makes getting ready in the morning a little less chaotic.

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By Axel de Vernou

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