Layering Jackets, Sweaters, and More!

  • Ava Shenk ’22

It’s fall. Temperatures are all over the place. It’s freezing in the morning, and you feel like you’re boiling by noon. Because of this, it can be hard to pick an outfit. Should I wear my jeans and a big comfy sweater and accept that I will be a sweaty mess by twelve? Or should I wear my summer dress and be cold in the morning?

You do not have to be making decisions like these and choosing between feeling too hot or too cold. A way to avoid this situation entirely is to layer! Layering clothing is one of my favorite things to do in the fall and spring, but mainly the fall! One of my favorite ways of layering an outfit is to put on a pair of my favorite jeans, a comfortable graphic t-shirt, and add a big oversized sweater or sweatshirt.

The final step would be to add a pair of shoes. My go-to shoes would have to be my white and grey Air Force 1’s, but if you want to dress up an outfit or you just don’t feel like wearing sneakers, feel free to wear sandals, slides, or even boots if you are up for it! By layering these clothes, you can stay super comfortable and fashionable! As the day gets warmer, it is so easy to take off the sweater and show off your cute t-shirt underneath while remaining dressed perfectly for the weather!

Another amazing way to layer clothes is by putting a winter jacket/coat over a summery dress or outfit. If you wear a light outfit with warm/bright colors, juxtaposing a larger and darker jacket/ coat on top can create a very cool and edgy yet summery look. As we head towards winter, when it is actually cold outside all day, you may still want to be able to wear a summery dress. One fun and cute way to do this is to layer a long-sleeved shirt underneath. This shirt can either be a plain color that goes with whatever you are wearing on top, or you can try out some pattern mixing by putting two different patterns together that share similar colors.

Both options are very on-trend right now and ensure that your outfit will not match that of another person at school. I hope that after reading this you feel more comfortable with the idea of layering clothing — it can really make an outfit into something special and unique!

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