Pulse: More Than Just a Team

  • Lauren Hagerty ’21

Back for the fifth year, Pulse Dance Team is undoubtedly one of the most popular and beloved teams at SHP. But what makes this team so special? Head coach Ms. Benjamin is back at the helm this year, bringing with her knowledge from her extensive dancing experience, as well as her constant calm and assuring demeanor.

This year, the team’s captains are Ashley Van Zandt ‘20, Isabella Serrano ‘20, and Theresa Lim ‘20. All three captains have danced at SHP all four years and each one brings a unique perspective to the team. Second in command are the team’s lieutenants: Alan Kagiri ‘20 and Justin Corley ‘21. This year, the team has expanded to almost 40 dancers, a significant increase from last year. A good portion of the team is composed of freshmen, and several are from different classes who are picking it up for the first time this year.

After several talented dancers graduated last year, the large group of new dancers has helped to provide fresh enthusiasm and a rush of new energy into the team. “Everyone on the team has been super welcoming and supportive, which has lead to me having a really great experience so far,” says Heather Meade ‘21. Pulse performs at half- time of several sporting events, including basketball games and, most frequently, football games. During the half-time performance, Pulse performs several routines that have been choreographed by a team captain or Ms. B.

Performing on the field presents its own challenges for Pulse. Even though the large field allows for the dancers to spread out, the speakers are often faulty and makes it hard if not impossible for the dancers to hear the music, forcing them to perform based on memory. However, dancing from memory is no challenge for these dancers as they practice after school for two hours several days a week. “I like that its a place where I don’t have to worry about the stress of school and I get to learn and practice new dances,” says Bennett Kruse ‘21.

These high energy practices and performances push the dancers to get out of their comfort zones and learn new moves and techniques. Although practice can often be long and tiring, the team’s can-do attitude adds a little fun as well. The team has built a culture and community that brings joy and spirit to members and all who watch their performances.

Photo captured by Alyssa Custino ’20

By Axel de Vernou

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