Halloween Costumes

  • Erin Duane ’20

A few days from now it will be Halloween, and with that comes boys in jerseys, “dressed” up as a player, and girls in some form of an outfit that is made into a costume with the addition of ears. While the boys obviously spend no time on their costumes, and I know this to be a fact because I have four older brothers, those simple costumes worn by girls are anything but. Any girls reading this will know exactly what I am talking about, but boys listen up. If a girl’s Halloween costume looks effortless, it wasn’t.

On the contrary, more effort is put into girls’ costumes than a quirky Instagram caption. The purpose of a girl’s costume is putting in the effort so that it appears effortless. You may believe that a group of girls just ordered some cat ears online and just wore them with some black clothes they already owned, but no. The tension and drama surrounding girl group costumes are incomparable. There are spreadsheets and sub-chats to the group chat. If a group of girls is cats, for example, the ears have been debated at length. The whiskers have been carefully, and identically, plotted out. The debate over leggings versus spandex was definitely heated. Sometimes these “effortless” costumes are more subtle, in the sense that they are not subtle at all. If a girl or a group of girls is dressed as something that clearly appears to have taken a lot of effort, there is a plan behind this as well.

For example, let’s say that two girls dress up as Mario and Luigi together. This costume is intricate and clearly was hard to put together, but it still can be effortless. It’s the sheer irony of those two girls who barely know anything about the characters that make the costumes effortless. These girls have accomplished appearing as if they just grabbed a costume from the store when in reality, there was a lot of thought behind their choice. Basically what I’m trying to say is, boys, if you don’t put any effort into your costume, don’t assume that girls didn’t. And compliment us on our costumes because they took weeks to plan.

By Axel de Vernou

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