The beauty of media is that it comes in many forms, and in order to gain a true sense of understanding about the current events taking place in our world or local community, we need to interact with the different types. A student who only watches the monthly comedic TV segments of their school will be missing out on the radio segment about a project that some other students are undertaking, or fly right past a major decision that is being detailed in the newspaper.

Consequently, a sense of unity is necessary to bring together these separate venues. Online interfaces are the perfect place to make such a conglomerate possible, where we can increase viewership for the diversity of information and content that we want to convey to the community. The Quad, a website that has been quite dormant at our school for some time, is being reinvigorated with a newfound sense of energy to bring students, teachers, faculty, and administration under one common roof.

The main page will focus on updated content from every outlet, which means that a newly published article can be right next to a radio show. Readers can easily see what is new in each category, and be intrigued by another form of media that appears in the sidebar next to the article they are currently reading. Tabs at the top will include every form of media in addition to an “Experiences” page that can serve as a home for photography, special projects in different departments, and a showcase of the work that students might be doing in an inquiry program. The possibilities under such a site are endless; a few words in the search bar can direct a viewer to any form of content that has been archived over the past few years.

  • The Quad Team

How to join the Quad team:

The Quad is always looking for new members to be apart of the team. If you are interested in being a back end editor (helping with website design), managing a column (writing and collecting student content on a specific idea), or have any other ideas about how the Quad can be improved, please reach out to any contacts on the Contacts page.