Club Focus: Board Game and History

  • Paul Fong ’23

With Sacred Heart’s new facilities and creative spaces encouraging a fresh culture of change, new clubs have emerged to appeal to every student’s interest. Among these are the board game and history club.

The former was created for students to spend time to relax and play different games with friends, and meets on Fridays, both during and after school. As the name suggests, the primary purpose of the club is to play games in a semi-competitive environment. However, leader Samuel Lim ‘20 reassures students that “the stakes have never been lower.” Even if students do not have much experience, they can still have fun and enjoy time with friends. There are many different incentives to join. Not only can students get away from the work and stress of school life, but they can also get free food and relax with friends. Board games include Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, and Risk. “Last year, students were encouraged to move away from their phones and devices in a technology-free week,” explains Axel de Vernou ’21. Groups like the board game club provide an opportunity for students to implement this attitude once a week in the middle of the school day and explore different strategical games amidst a busy schedule that typically does not allow for this.

Another newly created club is the History Club. This club was created so that students could learn history is a risk-free environment, through videos and movies, debates, and trivia. This club also meets on Fridays, though during lunch rather than after school. Not only can students learn through watching videos and trivia, but also through making videos of their own. One of the major projects of the history club is to make engaging historical videos about topics of interest.

Fortunately, students have the opportunity to stop by any of these clubs, and many others, at any point during the school year if they find themselves in need of a break. Clubs are a crucial part of student life as they let students explore their interests and enjoying time with friends.

By Axel de Vernou

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