Some Flout Social Distancing Rules. That’s Wrong.

  • Karina Carlos ’21

Right now we are all experiencing a global pandemic, one that has quite literally had an impact on everyone, in one way or another. The world is at a standstill and it’s all because of COVID-19. Everyone is in their homes, whether by choice or because of school cancellations and job closures. Either way, we all are being quarantined. The term “social distancing” gets thrown around a lot on the news, and it seems we are not listening. 

Hundreds of people die every single day of coronavirus and even more are diagnosed. This is even with the few tests we have available in our country. Without the appropriate number, we do not even know the actual number of cases there truly are. There are nurses and medical professionals working every single day to treat these people, risking their own health while doing so. They work double shifts, they have not seen their families, and they are exhausted. Yet, we can’t seem to make a few sacrifices to our daily routines. Social distancing is truly the bare minimum of what we should be doing as a community. It’s the reason that SHP got shut down and why our communities are deserted. Social distancing is the foundation of “flattening the curve.” However, there are people who are irresponsible enough to ignore the pleas of medical professionals. They go out with friends, they joke about it on social media, and they act as if nothing has changed. However, everything is different. 

It’s so disappointing to see people going out with friends and captioning their posts with jokes about social distancing. These same people complain about having to be quarantined or not being at school, or not being able to go to fun events. It’s important to know that social distancing is what will get us back out into the world. If you want to have a fun summer, then stay home! For juniors, if you want to go back to school in August, then stay home! Sacrifices need to be made during times like this. There are so many risks when people our age go out, especially since the virus would not affect us as much as the adults in our lives. We are more likely to spread it while not even knowing we had it in the first place. 

Not following such basic warnings is irresponsible and selfish. Plus, it is a slap in the face for those actually staying at home and quarantining. We have to be compassionate towards our nurses and the people we know who are at risk with this dangerous virus. That means we have to give up hanging out with our friends, eating out, and going out in general. I know it is so hard not being with the people you care about. I have not seen my friends in over a month, but if that’s what I can do in order to ensure that this pandemic ends faster, then I will gladly do it. I really hope others will too.

The world has drastically changed. People are constantly talking about a “new normal.” Social distancing is the new normal. And it will be the new normal forever, unless it is practiced by everyone who possibly can.

By Axel de Vernou

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