Spring Break At Home, Flights Fly Empty

  • Kaitlyn Smith ’22

As you all have heard, spring break 2020 is not happening. Airfare is canceled, most tropical vacation spots are completely isolated, and hotels no longer want to host you. The world is advising you not to travel during this frigid time, that has no end in sight any time soon. For me, I look forward to the days where I can lay on the beach, perfect my tan, and swim in the refreshing ocean all day.  We all have envisioned a nice vacation and a break from school.. 

This dream of mine, is starting to seem like a never ending nightmare. Correction, it is. If you haven’t noticed by now, the Sacred Heart community is starting to take drastic matters in preparation for Covid-19, AKA Coronavirus. This deadly virus originated from a small, armadillo-like animal. Say goodbye to seeing friends and teachers during the day, and welcome online classes to your at-home schedule. As short days have passed, the Sacred Heart community has taken several drastic measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to the staff and students on campus. This entails not returning to campus till after spring break, and even more potential time after that. Us students are still adjusting to the bombardment of assignments and online classes that have been added to our so called “coronacation”. We are still normalizing online classes, where many have found it hard to stay focused, stay on top of the many assignments, and manage time, now that we are on a city wide lockdown for a few days. 

So what are we going to do for Spring Break now? Good question. At the moment, the state of California is on lockdown for three whole weeks. That means no non-essential drives to a friends house or to a fun dinner. No beach trips and definitely no more lounging by the pool. Now the only outings allowed are to the grocery store, which are stripped naked, the pharmacy, and the doctor’s office. Say goodbye to your friends at school, and say hello again on Facetime or Zoom. This is the scary new reality, that has no end in sight. 

Photo provided by Oliver Pelham Burn ’20

By Axel de Vernou

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