49ers Bandwagon

  • Grady Hornbeek ’20

Let’s be honest, now’s the perfect time to hop back on the 49er’s bandwagon. They’re back, and with them comes millions of Bay Area residents who haven’t watched a game since 2013. These bandwagoners come in large numbers, repping the Patrick Willis jersey they had from the last Superbowl appearance. Most of these fans couldn’t tell you much about the 49er’s journey to this Superbowl.

Yes, Jimmy G is super hot, but did you know he used to play for the Patriots? Probably not. The new coach, Kyle Shanahan is great, but most of you didn’t watch a game the season Jim Tomsula coached. The dark days were hard, and a lot of us who endured the pain might be mad that so many people are joining the 49ers bandwagon right now. I don’t really care when you jumped back onto the 49ers fandom, because we need every fan that we can get.

Best of all, if we are able to win the Superbowl, the bandwagons might stick around for another season or two. If we are super lucky, we might get a couple more trips to the playoffs, then we will get bandwagons flocking as fast as they did to the Patriots. If the 49ers begin to get consistently good, people from all over the country start to claim that their parents are from San Francisco. This excuse, commonly used by people to root for Boston, may become a new reality for San Francisco.

Finally, to all of the fans who are mad that people have rejoined the 49er bandwagon, relax. Bandwagoners are a sign of success, and we need to appreciate our Superbowl run, because before we know it, we might go back to 3-13. Everyone who remembers the 49ers time with Mike Singletary should just be glad that we’ve finally returned to success. So bandwagoners, keep coming, go Niners.

Photo from NFL Stats

By Axel de Vernou

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