Jazz Band Brings Life to Campus

  • Patrick Carlson ’21

With its light-hearted humor, the Jazz Band is an Advanced Instrumental Club that is run by Ms. Queally-Sammut. They have twice-weekly meetings early in the morning during Z Period to rehearse and practice together for upcoming performances.

The band consists of many instruments including trumpets, clarinets, flutes, drums, etc. In addition to playing at major events such as the Holiday Treat and the Spring Instrumental Music Concert, the band plays at other events including the St. Madeleine Sophie Awards, Open House, Chili Cook-Off, and the Senior Parent Dinner. The musicians are held to very high standards, and they have to perform a “variety of repertoire from jazz standards to contemporary covers.” Some of the pieces previously played in years past that are very loved by the students is “Santa Claus is Comin to Town” and “Star Wars Theme.” 

Not only does the band perform high-level pieces of music, it also incorporates pieces that are loved by the students and well known by those in the audience. This creates an atmosphere that is sophisticated and enjoyable for every person in the room. As Finn Roblin ‘21 says, “The band tries hard to keep every person in the room involved in the pieces.” Finn has been in the Jazz Band for three years and plays First Trumpet in the band. His experience has varied among different students and pieces every year. One thing he notices is that the band always maintains its energy. In many Jazz performances, different musicians will stand up and play a solo that was awarded to them for their hard work. This solo is recognized by the crowd, teacher, and other members of the band. Finn noted that “standing up to play a solo is exhilarating.” 

The Jazz Band incorporates students from the Advanced Symphonic Band, some Concert Band students, and some students who only play jazz. There is a wide variety of students and thus creates a cohesive, chaotic, and energizing atmosphere. Students in the band program develop relationships with one another that they continue during their years at Sacred Heart. Ms. Queally works hard every year to try and bring in new freshmen to the band that can work and build friendships together in their next years at the school.

The Band program at Sacred Heart is one that is tightly knit. All the students know each other very well and work together to produce the best music possible. The relationships made, music produced, and fun events played at makes the Jazz Band a great extracurricular for all students at Sacred Heart.

Captured by Ms. Queally-Sammut

By Axel de Vernou

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