2022 Voter Resources

The November midterms are less than a month away. While not all of us can vote, it is important that we remain informed as a Sacred Heart community about the developments that will be taking shape in our Bay Area communities and in our state. With that in mind, here are some important resources for non-voters and voters alike.

Voting Information from California Secretary of State

Here are links from the Office of the California Secretary of State on how to register to vote as well as the Official Voter Guide. The online form to register is linked below!

Voting Registration and Information by County

These websites from county election offices contain helpful information about voter registration and answers to frequently asked questions. 

Voter Guides

With a ballot featuring numerous state propositions alongside a host of local, state, and national officials running for office, finding concise and accurate information can be a tricky and burdensome process. To provide you with helpful information, here are some short but detailed voter guides from the San Francisco Chronicle, Voter’s Edge, and CalMatters.

San Francisco Chronicle: https://www.sfchronicle.com/projects/2022/california-voter-guide-november/ 

Voter’s Edge: https://votersedge.org/ca 

CalMatters: https://calmatters.org/california-voter-guide-2022/ 

By Alexander Lourdes Medel

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