Statement on the Passing of Michael Enright

  • Armin Hamrah ’23

Video Transcript:

For those of you who don’t know, last week one of our dear friends from Menlo passed away in a car crash caused by speeding. Now that we’ve had a week to mourn the loss of Michael Enright, we’ve got to do something to prevent a similar scenario in the future. He’d touched so many lives in indescribable ways and lit up all our days; he will always be remembered as someone who was smart and funny. I remember the last time I saw him, it was a few weeks ago, and I was about to leave Sacred Heart. I was next to my driving instructor since I was in a lesson and he biked past me with a few friends and screamed “nice lesson, Armin!” Super embarrassing at the moment but hilarious now that I think about it.

He was only 16 (pause): it was only just the beginning of his great life and poof it’s gone. Imagine all the great things he could have done for himself, for you, for the world. Imagine all the lives he would have touched and altered for the better. He was a great man and did not deserve anything of the sort. Nor do any of us.

Let’s be real here: when is the last time you’ve actually stayed under the speed limit for the entirety of a drive? That’s the problem. When nobody actually listens to the speed limit, it loses its purpose. That’s how we lost our friend.

We need to remind ourselves how delicate life is. One second you could be having the time of your life, and the next, it’s completely gone. Please be careful when you’re on the roads and think about whether or not getting to where you want to be faster is worth the risk of not getting there at all. Let’s keep Michael in our hearts.

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