Congressperson Spotlight: Anna Eshoo

  • William Yen ’23

Anna Eshoo is the incumbent representative of California’s 18th District, which encompasses the land from Redwood City to Mountain View in the Bay Area. Prior to her twenty seven years serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, Eshoo first served as the Chair of the San Mateo Democratic Party. Then, from 1982 to 1992, she was elected to and served on the San Mateo Board of Supervisors. Finally, in the 1992 Election, Eshoo was elected to the seat for the 14th District. After the 2010 redistricting, she has since represented the 18th district.

Stances (quoted from her website): 

  • Civil Rights: “It is essential to ensure the protection of our citizens, regardless of their race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.”
  • Women’s Rights: “Rep. Eshoo has fought to open the doors of opportunity for women and girls in school and work, and advocated for equitable pay, tougher child support enforcement, and family-friendly workplaces. Rep. Eshoo is especially proud of her work to promote women’s health initiatives and protect victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.”
  • Health Care: “Through her work on eliminating lifetime insurance caps, strengthening the safety of our food supply, improving healthcare for children, championing a breakthrough research, and making prescription drugs more affordable, Rep. Eshoo has been a leader in the field of health policy.”
  • Transportation: “Rep. Eshoo is a longtime supporter of local transportation and transit projects that reduce traffic on our region’s overcrowded roadways and provide more options for the traveling public and businesses. She has made modernizing Caltrain one of her highest transportation priorities, and after many years this system is finally being brought into the 21st century. She has also secured federal funding for local projects to deploy electric buses, build bicycle lanes and paths, and improve bus and light rail service in the Peninsula and South Bay..”
  • Education: “Rep. Eshoo believes the United States should lead the world in education. Children need the best schools, the best teachers, and the best resources in order to become good citizens and contributors to society and strengthen our nation in the 21st century.”
  • Foreign Affairs/National Security: “Rep. Eshoo believes that our nation’s security is her first responsibility. She believes that military intervention should come with clear, definable, and realistic objectives to prevent the loss of American lives and financial resources. She also believes strong national security and the deeply held values represented in our Constitution must both be protected.”

Want to learn more? Check out the source I used below:

Anna Eshoo: Member of the United States House of Representatives.” by the United States Congress is licensed under the public domain.

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