Quad Queries: Time Management

  • Zahir Prakash ’24

Hello Gators,

Times are tough and as a freshman, I am also struggling with the workload. I have gathered up some time management strategies that I will like to share with you all that have helped me and will hopefully help you as well.

First, use timers! Timers are great in terms of time management, especially because they allow you to have designated time for assignments which can eliminate procrastination.

Second, think about your mindset! Although the mindset is not a time management strategy, it is very important. Hear me out here. If your mindset is not set to the point where you want to manage your time, you won’t be able to manage your time. According to a study by Mindsetkit, “students who had a growth mindset were three times as likely to score in the top 20% of students nationally while students with a fixed mindset were four times more likely to score in the bottom 20% of students.” Time management and mindset convey that if you’re structured, organized, and want to succeed, then you will accomplish what you want to.

Lastly, hide your distractions! Hiding your distractions is crucial for time management. For example, when studying, put your phone under your bed. This is because the more you want something the faster you will want to get it. This leads to loss of focus which then leads to incorrect work and poor test scores. I have experienced this by getting a question wrong on a math test, and I believe that hiding distractions is the most important out of the three. Nevertheless, I hope this has helped you in some type of way.

All the best,

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