The Prep’s Poems

Zoom has now become like an irresistible voice that whispers to us in the morning, beckons us to draw near to our computers, and lulls us to a passive rest as we fixate our eyes on the screen.

A few of our Gators are expressing their creativity— a literary escape from the mind-numbing digital routine we have become acquainted to— in this post. Please enjoy!

Unmuted, a haiku by Mr. Schultz:

you are unmuted.
a sparrow sings in your yard.
children thump upstairs.

History, a cinquain by Armin Hamrah ’23:


the past 

evolving, changing, inconsistent 

the present’s now history 


More to come once we start again next week! Have a restful weekend everyone and don’t forget to take a few seconds to submit to the Drop!

By Axel de Vernou

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