Daily Drop #74 – Thanks for a Great Year All!

Ms. Huang B period fall:


Ms. Pham D and F period:


Here is what our two Computer Science teachers have to say about the projects: “We would like to share with you the final project our students created after we went online for the daily drop.  They created fun games and trivia quizzes for their friends to play while being stuck at home during the pandemic.  We covered different varieties of themes from fashion, sport, music to the classic maze games.”

As said in the email, it has been a real pleasure to share our community’s moments of joy and recollection during this quarantine. Thank you all for getting this project going so quickly and never failing to run out of submissions for the school.

If you send pictures over the summer, there’s a chance that we might make a few summer Drops… but we’ll definitely find some way to continue creating community when the school year returns! Have an amazing summer everyone!

By Axel de Vernou

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