Daily Drop #67

Tired of all the Zoom calls recently? I think everyone is in the same boat, but fortunately, there are other ways to use the platform that are allowing some members of our community to get together and decompress after a stressful week. Today’s submission, sent in by Ms. Picetti, shows her way of using Zoom to socialize and relax:

“Here is a screenshot of my friends on Zoom: Ms. Ignaffo, Ms. Bamburg, Monte, and Ms. Benjamin. We try our best to meet on Zoom once a week to vent, catch up, and celebrate our successes. Without my crew, this time would be unbearable. I wanted to send this out to everyone to remind us all to stay connected to our SHP community, laugh often, and always invite Mr. Bell to the party! Do you like Monte’s virtual background?”

Now this is some quality Zoom! When appropriate, have fun with all that the platform has to offer as the year comes to a close! Thanks for tuning in everyone; weekend submissions would be appreciated!

By Axel de Vernou

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