Celebrating Birthdays in Quarantine

  • Kaitlyn Smith ’22

Welcome to a whole new world. A world where staying 6-ft apart and wearing protective face masks are mandatory. A world where you can no longer get together at friends’ houses to hang out and swim. You can’t drive to the beach, and you can’t celebrate your birthday. Many people have postponed their actual birthdays ‘till quarantine is over to wait for a proper celebration. Others have gotten creative with how to celebrate and see people while maintaining social distancing. Here are a few creative-outside of the box ideas on how to celebrate your birthday while staying inside the guidelines:

  1. Create a drive by! Gather your friends, get in your cars, pull together your loud streamers, blast your music, and honk when driving by! This is another way to celebrate a birthday (or recognize it) without interfering with any restrictions!
  2. Host a virtual Zoom party with friends! This may seem pointless to many, but it is a great way to sing “Happy Birthday” if driving is not possible.
  3. Find an empty parking lot or cul-de-sac and set up your cars 6-feet apart! By sitting in the trunks of your cars with your friends, it is a great way to catch up and a creative way to see each other!
  4. This one goes out to those that can’t sit in their cars! Set up some camping chairs in a lofty parking lot/large open area and celebrate! Sit 6-feet apart of course, while still having a great time!
  5. With all this time on our hands, what is a better way to show your friend you appreciate them than make a homemade baked good. Bake a cake and deliver it to your family/friends home! There is nothing better than having a homemade cake to enjoy on a birthday.

Photo contributed by Katie Sandhu ’21 from Unsplash media.

By Axel de Vernou

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