Daily Drop #54

Happy birthday Dr. Slafter! Today we celebrate Dr. Slafter’s unflinching commitment to the farm through some photos which Mr. Eiras submitted. Here’s what he has to say about the amazing work that has been done at the farm!

“When I was at school today I decided to take some pictures of the farm animals and some new babies Since [Saturday] is Dr. Slafter’s birthday… There are a couple shots of a mom and baby so with Mother’s Day on Sunday this should work out great.
Dr Slafter has taken such good care of the farm animals while the shelter in place has been going on, he is always there for them….I hope everyone on campus is enjoying more time with their family pets and I am sure the farm animals will be happy to see everyone when they get back to campus.
What a great way to combine two days into one! Thank you to both Mr. E and Dr. Slafter for making this Drop possible. Take a look at how happy those animals are!
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