Daily Drop #53


For many of us, we’re spending more time than ever before with our younger siblings or our kids now that we are at home. What better of a Drop could fit this theme than Ms. Tsutsui’s submission about what’s going on in her house. Let’s get some of her help to understand this one of a kind art!

“Mrs. Woods photography students inspired me to send in some of the art that has been filling up the Tsutsui house in the past couple of weeks.  The mixed media piece with dangling rubber bands is what my daughter believes a ‘bed for jellyfish’ would look like.  I believe the artists expertly capture the fluctuating feelings of love/hate we all may feel as we’ve been sheltering in place with our beloved families for weeks on end.  I must say I’m rather proud of the  ‘I hat  hate Mom’ that was chalked on the side of the house.  We have been working to learn the concept of the silent e and I think she’s beginning to master it!”

Not bad! If anyone else has some photos to capture the spirit of their house, we’re always open for submissions!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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