Daily Drop #52


Today’s series of photos highlights James Pleasants’s “Let’s Talk Project.” Ms. Ferrer explains that she “ran into one of the nuns from Oakwood [last] Friday. She had just made her daily round of campus and was walking back from this Project on campus created by James Pleasants (2020). She noted how remarkable it was and how it brings her joy each day.

Let’s all take this moment and make a wish together…”

Following with this spirit, Dr. McDonald, who lives in the same neighborhood as Ms. Bowe Ullman & Mrs. Schaffer, sent in some photos of inspiring messages that her neighbors are putting together with rubber ducks and flamingos to make a wish for unity and a light heart during this time of uncertainty.

We hope that this comes as an inspiration for you to try out your own projects! Thank you all for tuning in!

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