Daily Drop #56

Today’s Daily Drop is a great way for us to get re-energized before we start off this busy week. Above, you will see the hard work of SHP Faculty and Staff through a picture taken by Mr. Johns.

“Sacred Heart Faculty and Staff have been hard at work this past week laser cutting 3,000 face shields for Maker Nexus, a community-run makerspace in Sunnyvale. This organization has emerged as a hub to collect, assemble, and fabricate personal protective equipment for people on the front lines fighting COVID19. To date, they have already distributed over 31,000 face shields! To learn more about their work, please visit www.covidshieldnexus.org #GoalIII” says Mr. Johns.

It is fantastic to see the work that our school has put into fighting this virus. If anybody else has any other projects they have been working on, feel free to send it over! Thank you teachers and staff for your work!

By Axel de Vernou

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