Where To Buy Stylish and Functional Face Masks

  • Ilaria Freccia ’22

Amongst all others, face masks look like they are going to be a lasting effect of the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, in the state of California and New York, face masks are required when in any public setting by the CDC. It is possible that in the future this will remain the case.

Face masks have been seen on the red carpet, worn by celebrities like Billie Eilish and Rita Ora. Even before the pandemic, luxury brands were making face masks for streetwear. So how and where can you buy masks that are both stylish and functional? Firstly, you can make one. There are many patterns online that will tell you exactly how to make a reusable (and sustainable) facemask that will keep you safe. For this, you choose pretty much any fabric or pattern you would like and make it into a face mask. If you want, you can make more than just one, and have different masks for different outfits, occasions or days. If you want to buy a mask there are many options.

I recommend buying a double or triple lined fabric one. They are more stylish, you can reuse them many times, and they are more sustainable because they last longer than surgical masks. Currently, Etsy is a huge marketplace for masks. With a variety of prices, packs, fabrics, and styles, you can definitely find a mask to keep you safe and stylish. Another place to buy masks is Citizens of Humanity. They are recycling old denim scraps into face masks. You can pre-order a pack of five masks for $25 that will ship on May 4th.

Caraa is another line that is selling face masks made out of their scrap material. A five-pack is also available for pre-order for $25. In addition, they will match mask purchases with a donation to New York’s COVID-19 relief efforts. Finally, you can purchase a pack of five face masks for $25 from Reformation that will ship in the next two to four days. Through their website, you can purchase packs of five or 250 for donation to the frontline and essential workers. So, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay stylish.

Photo contributed by Katie Sandhu ’21 from Unsplash

By Axel de Vernou

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