D.I.Y. Halloween Costumes

  • Margaret Charlton ’22

D.I.Y. Halloween costumes are usually not very good and tend to look half done, but other times, D.I.Y. costumes look like they are professionally done and were just made to show off how great the person is at sewing. However strong your D.I.Y. costume skills are, here are some ideas.

Let’s start with the classic black cat or whatever color you plan to be, maybe purple, just go for it. Get pants or shorts and a top that are the same color. Next, get some matching socks and shoes that are preferably a similar color. Then add a headband and tape or glue some paper ears on it. However, if you are lazy like me and don’t want to do this being it seems like too much work, then you can always be an earless cat. Make up a back story, maybe you got hit by a car, get creative with it. Either way, find a sharpie and draw a little nose and whiskers on your face. Be careful because they are permanent. Now look at you, you are a cat now.

Another idea is to be invisible. This isn’t as hard as you may think. Just get a camo jacket or shirt and pants. Before you know it you will be invisible. Just be careful walking through the halls people might accidentally walk into you and don’t use your new powers of invisibly to spy on people, don’t be like that.

Finally let’s try the classic: a doctor. All you will need is a white jacket or coat and some glasses to make you look smart. If you don’t have glasses don’t fret. Just steal some glasses off one of your friends. Seriously what will they do, run after you? They are blind, you can escape them easily. Now if you don’t have any friends then just grab some off a random kid in the halls and run for it. Seriously, no one will be expecting your attack and you will get away safely. Now whatever costume you end up doing is fine, if it’s D.I.Y. or not.

Though I’m sure a lot of you will end up doing last minute things like me, or group costumes, or possibly the great outfit of I’m-too-good-for- Halloween-and-decided-not-to- dress-up. Whatever it is that you end up doing just have fun with it, Halloween is the one day a year you can dress up as someone else without it being weird, so enjoy it. I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

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By Axel de Vernou

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