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  • Bennett Kruse ’21




the audacity of a caucasian person to do something disrespectful

“Jessica had the caucasity to ask me where I got my Supergas from, knowing damn well I was wearing Golden Gooses.”

Closed Campus

/kl?zd/ /’kampIs/


The illusion of not being able to leave campus during school hours

“Despite our closed campus, I got everyone’s Coffee Bar order during my free.”

Frobstacle Course

/’fräbstIk(I)l/ /kôrs/


The upperclassmen journey around the freshman who block the hallways in Homer

“The Frobstacle Course was daunting today.”

Stress Attire Shoes

/stres/ /I’t?(I)r/ /SHuus/


Tennis shoes you hope Quattlebaum doesn’t notice on dress attire days

“My vans aren’t stress attire shoes, they’re suede.”

Senior Parking Lot

/’s?nyIr/ /pärkiNG/ /lät/


unknown definition; does not exist

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By Axel de Vernou

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