Smoothie of the Issue

  • Juliana Rosen ’21 & Maddie Levey ’21

Looking for a delicious, energizing smoothie? You are reading the right article! Welcome to your seasonal food and beverage review. Each issue we will choose one type of food or drink that we feel is very essential to the lives of you gators. Then, we will go to three or four stores that serve that food item. This issue, we decided to focus on finding the best smoothie at Stanford Shopping Center. We tried different smoothies from Jamba Juice, Joe and the Juice, and Pressed Juicery. Here is what our taste buds decided:

At Jamba Juice, Maddie ordered a Caribbean Passion (260 Calories) and Juliana ordered a Chocolate Moo’d (430 Calories); both were $6.59 for the small size. The Chocolate Moo’d had a very distinct chocolate taste, but it is hard to decide if that makes up for the “runny-ness” of the drink. It did not feel much like a smoothie; it was very cold, icy, and a tad bit grainy. But, it does fill your sweet tooth. This Jamba smoothie is perfect for when you are craving chocolate with a hint of banana and you will feel healthy!

Caribbean Passion has passion fruit, strawberries, peaches, and mangoes. It is a very smooth and thick smoothie that is also very refreshing. It is probably not the best option to have all the time, since it does have orange sherbet and juice in it, but for every once in a while, it is a delicious smoothie option. For the price of the beverages, you get a lot of substance. It is a bang for your buck, especially on a hot day. The downside of Jamba Juice is that they still use plastic straws which as we all know, does NOT save the turtles :(.

At Joe and the Juice, we ordered the Choco Shake, which was $7.81, and 215 calories, for a small (12 oz). We thought it was much too expensive for what we got. Chocolate Moo’d from Jamba Juice was better than the Choco Shake, because of the taste and texture. The Choco Shake was very runny and reminded us more of chocolate milk than a smoothie or milkshake. Also, you can definitely taste the banana in the smoothie. The Joe and the Juice shake was too expensive for what we got, but it was refreshing. Also, an added bonus was that they do use cute paper straws with flamingos on them which DO save the turtles :).

At Pressed Juicery, we ordered the Vanilla (280 calories) and Chocolate Almond (420 calories) Blends as well as Citrus 2 (240 calories) and Greens 1 (60 calories). The two blends are classic flavors at Pressed that you can also order as a freeze for those reaaaally hot days. You can drink the blends and feel the satisfaction of being healthy and getting the flavor you ordered. They are a different taste than your normal vanilla and chocolate, but they are a valid take on the flavors. The Citrus 2 and Greens 1 are also some of our favorites from Pressed. Citrus 2 is very sweet and Greens 1 is bitter, so depending on what you like, either of them are great choices. On top of that, all of the drinks at Pressed are $6.50 which is a great price for the quality of juice that you receive. They provide you with a refreshing and fruity taste that makes you feel energized. We recommend this drink for after a workout or if your craving some fruity goodness.

In the end, Jamba Juice won us over because of the taste and price. We hope you take our reviews into consideration next time you head to Stanford Shopping Center! Read the next issue for some yummy avocado toast!

Photo from Jamba Juice

By Axel de Vernou

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